Why Google computer services never go down in Edmonton

Almost everyone in Edmonton will tell you to “Google it” if you ask the something out of their knowledge bounds, but has there ever been a time when instead of the results, you were told that Google services were not available? Think about it for a second. The only times when that probably happened, your internet connection was either down or very poor. It never gets blamed on Google computer services Edmonton always needs being down. Unless you are the administrator of a search engine website, you never get to see as much traffic as Google sees.

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Then the fact that they stay online is a magic feat (especially to smaller companies) when you think about it, day and night, people are requesting for services from their servers, and almost always get what they need within the next second. We looked into why they have such a ridiculously high uptime and had this to report back to you. Hopefully some companies offering computer services Edmonton relies on will take the ways into practice and make IT better accessible.

Google didnt know cool back when they chose what to call the method they use to stay up all the time. Site Reliability Engineering. As long as it works, right? Well, the idea behind their method is that people will need rest and the only solution to such a problem is developing software that keeps everything working at optimal states. So more developers will always be found working at Google’s offices than IT generalists.

Automating manual work through coded applications makes the redundant work of keeping networks and even hardware up and serving the billions of requests that come in every minute. A lot of companies probably haven’t considered this model of functioning, dubbed “DevOps”. A blend of development talent and operational capability inherent with the former knowledge most of the time. In Silicon valley though, almost all startups that we wonder how they scale up so fast have teams working on these models to support their websites and applications, from which they make billions yearly.

A director among the engineers at Google, a Mr Sloss, assured us that this way is the most reliable method to achieve what they are reaping every day. The unsexy term, now shortened to SRE, is what would come out of a contracted code specialist if you hired them to manage operational tasks and teams. A lot of the guys at Google know how to do the operational stuff needed to stay up and running, it is just unchallenging and better done through software means, which they are more than willing to create whenever new challenges arise.

This is a challenge to firms offering computer services Edmonton needs for generations to come, will they go at SRE. it has been working so far for the most reliable computer services Edmonton has access to, it could and will definitely elevate a company that adopts it into their running.