About Us

We have been to the bad side, no content getting published and work offices going empty, and yet if you walked into our creative campus you wouldn’t believe how many busy hands are always perfecting the next big article to hit the internet. We are workaholics who don’t give up on sources and facts until the right mix of data and visual proof melts into the technology themed articles that all our readers love.

We don’t take shortcuts, never have, and will always take pride in investing more time in each article than all the other companies trying to achieve the records we break every single time. From acquiring more than a hundred thousand readers in the quickest time passed to having maintained up to 95% of all subscribed readers.

We never run out of material, thanks to the tech scene being littered with events and upcoming updates to the best tools. We just know where to look and through arranged luck, have the right people to tell it all, our readers.

Our platform has been praised by readers through valued feedback, of being very easy to access and way easier to share the content than other content platforms they have come across.

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