World’s Most Expensive Airports to Land A Private Plane

Though private jet charter affordable prices are becoming increasingly popular like Flyflightpath, some of their destinations might not be so. Whether you are planning your next business trip or your luxury getaway, it is always a good idea to keep some ideas of any cost that might catch you by surprise, whether it be the hotel you rent or the airport where you land your private jet.

The Richest shared a very interesting article that might tickle your interest if you are a frequent traveller, a list of the world’s most expensive airports to land a plane, and how landing fees work in general. Read more below:

10 Most Expensive Airports to Land Your Plane

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Whether it’s a private aircraft, corporate or commercial jet each plane that lands at an airport must pay a landing fee. This fee falls under the category of runway charges that each airport bills for, which also includes take-off fees. There are also parking fees charged when a plane remains on the ground at an airport, usually for longer than a 2-hour turnaround time but for the purpose of this article let’s look at landing fees only.

Landing fees are based on Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW) and not actual Take Off Weight. That means that no matter how many passengers are on the plane or how much cargo including luggage the MTOW is taken from the rating specified by the manufacturer of that particular type of plane.  Most people tend to think of private or corporate jets falling into only one size or classification of plane but there actually five different categories of private jets. The trend today is using larger size aircraft and having it customized to suit the individual or particular company that owns it. For this reason let’s look at a common aircraft size that is used for that purpose, which is the 767-400. The MTOW of this plane is 450,000 pounds or 204,120 kilograms. These types of aircraft are commonly being used as they can easily transport groups of more than fifty and they are perfect for long range travel.

Landing fees vary dramatically as you will see by our list but as they account for just one part of the expense of operating a plane you can imagine when you start to figure in hangar fees, fuel, aviation personnel, etc. just how expensive it is to own your own plane. Why are some landing fees so much more than others? Well some of it is supply and demand and some of it is just good old fashion greed. For example, in Canada and Japan a large part of the fee structure has to cover salaries of aviation executives. Let’s take a look at some of the airports with the highest landing fees rounded out to the nearest dollar. Read More Here…

Though some of these might seem very high, there are a lot of economic and macro factors involved. Not to mention, some airports offers more than simply a landing space for your plane. Check out the following article that lists some of the world’s coolest airports that makes travelling more than just a trip:

World’s Coolest Airports Prove Travel Really Is About The Journey

There is that familiar saying that goes “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case: flights mean frisky security, long layovers and unexpected delays, which can sometimes make for unpleasant travel experiences. Still, your airport journey doesn’t always have to be terrible. Here are some cool airports that will make you forget about all your travel baggage:

  1. Hamad International Airport, Qatar

This $16-billion airport screams luxury. It features a 25-metre-long swimming pool. The airport is also equipped with quiet rooms, ideal for passengers seeking a pre-flight snooze. Did I mention they also have a giant dinosaur robot and a 23-foot-tall Urs Fischer sculpture of a yellow teddy bear? Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a brag-worthy Instagram pic. Hashtag, love Qatar.

  1. Changi Airport, Singapore

If you didn’t get enough shopping done during your trip, then Changi Airport is the perfect place for you. There are over 300 retail stores available and two movies theatres — free of charge — for you to take advantage of. There’s also a fascinating butterfly garden (yes, a butterfly garden) in Terminal 3. Here, you can find a rainforest-themed garden with about 1,000 butterflies surrounded by flowering plants and a six-metre grotto waterfall. Three-hour layover? Can I extend that to six? Read Full Post Here…